The "Standard" in the Industry for Construction Sites.

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  • We provide the best service with scheduled sanitation and cleaning.

  • Waterless hand sanitizers and paper towel.

  • Sink available right in the toilets. (summer use only)

  • Lockable units for security.

  • Heaters and covers for winterized comfort.

  • We also supply service to any customer owned portable toilets.

  • 10 workers per week required to maintain satisfactory condition.

Construction Site Portable Toilet Guide.

Little John Rentals is built on customer satisfaction; with over 25 years experience in the industry, we are “COMMITED TO SERVICE”. We guarantee our service will be maintained to our customers satisfaction.

As long as Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety guidelines are followed, as to the proper amount of toilets required on site. A standard portable toilet is capable of supplying a clean environment for 10 people on a regular 40-hour workweek. Little John Rentals will supply a scheduled service to maintain this cleanliness. Usage over and above these SOHS guidelines will result in unsatisfactory conditions.

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Specialty units for construction Sites.

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Move and place anywhere on the job site.


Designed especially for high-rise construction sites. Easily lifted by crane or transported by elevator to designated floor. Moves around the floor on lockable caster, has a urinal in the rear for easy access.


The mobile urinal is easy to maneuver around tight work areas, a great solution for high-rise construction as well, fits inside the LJR ˝ John for transporting it to the ground for cleaning

LJR Winterized Units

We supply insulated and heated portable toilets at the customer’s request, for the colder climates.

There are also instant hand sanitizers and paper towel available, in place of sinks for the winter months.


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